How to Become the Best Piano Player

Apr 07 2014

Learning how to play the piano is not a difficult task. A few beginner lessons will have you playing some simple melodies in less than a month. Learning to become the best piano player is a different matter altogether. You will need to implement some tips if you are to become the best.

Reading musical notation is the first step. This will help you become a better musician in every aspect. Even though there are many piano players who are good without reading music, you can only become the best if you are able to look at a piano score, play what you read and analyze the same. You can get a book on reading music from any musical store. Free online resources are also available from various websites.

Studying and memorizing piano chords should be your next step. Do not only memorize their basic shapes, but also try to understand how they are built as this will assist you become the best piano player. When you have an understanding of notes from a minor to major scale, you will not rely completely on shapes; you will be able to create any chord someone calls out. This will also allow you to create chords with alternate inversions while rearranging the notes to archive various tonalities. You can either find a piano chord dictionary online or buy a basic music theory book.

Think about enrolling for a piano course. Online courses are better as they incorporate the use of written material and videos to help you slight read melodies, structure chords and read piano music. Additionally, you will be privy to a wide range of exclusive library of lessons that cover every facet of piano playing as well as different playing techniques. Some websites are free to join meaning you do not need to sign up in order to enjoy their resources.

Expanding your horizons is another way to go about becoming the best piano player. Avoid concentrating with playing the type of music you enjoy. As much as a particular type of music will be your specialty, you will need to gain experience playing other types of music if you are to become the best. Make an effort to try tackling sheet music in other genres. For example, Jazz can be a good challenge as it is quite complex. You should not be discouraged even when you find it difficult at first. Beginner’s Jazz sheet music are available in musical stores both offline and online.

Learning to play different types of piano will also help you hone your skills and be a better player. You can look for the top online piano lessons for beginners by doing and search or by just finding out more info here.

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